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Recall-AGP Dust Extractor

Recall AGP Wet & Dry Vacuum

Wet & Dry Vacuum Recalled Recall notice has been issued on the AGP Dust Extractor Wet & Dry with 1200W Outlet by TradeTools Pty Ltd The […]

White Card Course Special Offer

Free White Card Offer With Test and Tag Course Early Bird Registrations Working with tradies and going to construction or demolition sites can be common place […]

Test And Tag Tips #6

Welcome back,  I’m John from ACME Test and Tagging. It’s been a while since we last spoke that’s because it’s been a very hectic couple of […]
RCD testing by Acme Test and Tagging

What IS RCD Testing

What Is RCD Testing? When developing a test and tag program I am often asked ” What is RCD testing? ” Residual current devices, or RCDs […]

Three Phase Appliance Test And Tagging

Three Phase Appliance Test And Tagging The range and type of three phase appliances that are used in workplaces is wide and varied and consideration must […]

Can Non-compliant Tags Invalidate Your Program

Can Non-compliant Tags Invalidate Your Program? Tags have a very important role in the test and tag programs. As well as displaying the overall outcome of […]

Electric Heaters Recalled

RECALL ALERTS ISSUED FOR COMMON HEATERS Safety alerts and recall notices have been issued on a number of popular electric heaters. We regularly see heaters of […]

Teen electrocuted using smartphone in bath

Teen dies from electrocution by using smartphone while taking a bath A Texas teen died Sunday morning while using her smartphone in a bathtub, according to […]

Woman gets electric shock from fridge

Woman taken to hospital after electric shock at Gawler Hotel A woman has been taken to hospital after suffering an electric shock at a hotel in […]