Electric Shock Definition

How Much Electricity Will Give You A Shock

Welcome back and welcome to Rose Cottage – yes I’m living up in the hills now and it’s beautiful. We’ve all used electrical appliances before and […]

Woman gets electric shock from fridge

Woman taken to hospital after electric shock at Gawler Hotel A woman has been taken to hospital after suffering an electric shock at a hotel in […]

6 year old boy experiences electric shock

6-year-old boy hospitalised after electric shock A six year old boy has been transported to Gladstone Hospital after suffering an electric shock at a Kirkwood home […]

Test and Tag Tips #4

Welcome back, John from ACME Test & Tagging. Minus a little bit of hair today, I got a haircut the other day and it’s a little […]

Test and Tag Tips #1

Today I want to go through a question which is often asked by the students who are running through their training courses. When they’re doing the […]

USB Charger Warning

WARNING – electrocution risk from cheap imported USB chargers We all love a bargain and if we saw a cloned electrical appliance for considerably less price […]

Choosing the Right Powerboard

So I put this short video together to run through some of the better features you should consider when purchasing your next powerboard.  It might also […]

Double Adaptor Dangers

Would use risk everything you have worked for by using a common electrical appliance that costs less than $2-00 ? Today I look at the risks […]